Polishing Robot(Type:UM)



The suction disk has three functions, which work at the same time such as the adhering function, the polishing function and the vacuum cleaning function.


The high-speed airflow from the suction disk powerfully sucks and collects dust to avoid air pollution.


Type:UM doesn't involve a manual scaffolding, thus, the danger of falling from the scaffolding can be avoid.


Since Type:UM has an auto-tension winch as a safety guard, the main unit is prevented from falling down even in case of power failure causing the vacuum pump to stop.



Type:UM can work on any material surface, such as steel plate, stainless steel plate, concrete, glass, plastic and tile.


Type:UM adheres to the surface where there is some unevenness such as a welding seam line at a steel plate and a joint line at a concrete wall.


Type:UM can be applied, not only to a wall, but to a ceiling surface and to a floor surface as well.


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