Abrasives Blasting Robot(Type:UA)


1. Abrasives Recycling System For Cost Reduction

The abrasive circulation method permits a frequent use of abrasives. It reduces large consumption of abrasives.

2. Pollution Free Operating Environment

While the abrasives and dust are completely recovered, the operating environment remains clean. Therefore, compared to conventional sand or abrasives blasting, Type UA does not interfere with other work during the blasting operation.

3. Remote-control System For Safe Operation

The remote controlled operation dose not require a manual labor, which is safety concern regarding labor.


4. Upgraded Quality Of Finished Surface

The use of a strong vacuum leaves the the finished surface completely clean and free of any dust.

5. Flexible Application To Variety Of Surface Materials

U-ROBOT SYSTEM is applicable to a variety of surface materials and conditions such as steel plate, beaded lines, deep rust, curved and concrete surfaces, etc.


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