Cleaning Robot(Type:UD)

Major Specifications

Main unit

Type UD400 UD250
Polishing Width approx.485 mm approx.175 mm
Traveling Speed max.5 m/min. max.2 m/min.
Adhering Power approx.720 kgf at -250 mmHq approx.90 kgf at -250 mmHq
Driving Power approx.230 kgf at -250 mmHq approx.30 kgf at -250 mmHq
Weight approx.90 kgf approx.5 kgf
Dimensions approx.1152 x 540 x 312 mm approx.200 x 410 x 124 mm

Support Unit

Type UD400 UD250
Suction Pressure max.-6000 mmAq max.-6000 mmAq
Suction Air Volume max.6 N m3/min. max.3 N m3/min.
Vacuum Pump Motor 22 Kw 11 Kw
Weight approx.2500 kgf -
Dimensions approx.2200 x 3000 x 2000 mm -

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